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Very Special Drinks

Ready-to-drink cocktails with Cognac Spirits

 Creation of lifestyle drinks

Imagine a perfect match between delicate soft drinks from around the world and highly-regarded cognac. Add Passion for pureness and beauty to tailor your packaging. Ultimately sparkle your life with very special moments.

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Very Special Tonic

Premium Tonic with Cognac Spirits


Very Special Tonic is the perfect ready-to-drink cocktail to open your evening and share a special moment. Crafted using carefully selected products from the Cognac region, this premium tonic with blackcurrant is given a unique touch with the singular structure of Cognac. To be served on ice.


12.5% Alc. Vol.

25 cl

Produced in France

Very Special Tea

Premium Tea with Cognac Spirits

Very Special Tea is the ideal ready-to-drink cocktail to open your senses and travel around the world. Created with premium organic Tea from the High Mountain Valley of Taiwan, this exceptional tea with bergamot notes is given a French touch with the traditional association of grape must and Cognac. To be served very chilled.

8.5% Alc.Vol.

25 cl

Made in France

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